Blue Dream is a fantastic hybrid strain for most users

I’m always happy for an afternoon of hiking, even if it’s hot outside and the sun intensity is worse than usual.

That’s the reality of living in the south, even if you’re in a swampy area with lots of rattlesnakes. These are factors that are prevalent in the woods no matter what time of year you decide to go hiking, so I remain vigilant and careful regardless of the weather. I wear tall boots to protect my ankles and calves, while keeping a hunting knife on hand and a can of bear mace in my pocket. While black bears are rare in this area, I have only ever seen one black bear in my life and it was here. Granted, it was a small bear that ran away immediately, but imagine if I accidentally walked up on a mother bear and her young cubs. The situation could have turned negative right away before I had a chance to react. Whenever I go out on long hikes, I like to bring cannabis with me in one form or another. I either bring pre-rolled joints or a cannabis vaporizer pen with me that has oil cartridges that attach. Since I don’t want to be too sedated while exerting so much physical effort, I steer clear of indica strains. That’s why I love sativa-leaning hybrids like Blue Dream. That strain is a cross between Haze and Blueberry and is still one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world. You can find it at dispensaries in nearly every single state that has some form of legal cannabis. It’s great at relieving any pain experienced from physical exertion while simultaneously giving the brain a surge of creative energy.



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