Cannabis consultant requested cannabis classes

For a while I had a successful cannabis dispensary, i guess this is because there was hardly any competition.

Once our competitors started cropping up I began to lose currency.

I was the first one on the block, why is nobody staying loyal to me? I knew I was missing something in our dispensary however I didn’t guess what. I needed a fresh pair of eyup to take a look at our supplier in addition to help myself and others make some taxing cuts. I was suspicious our staff was scaring all the supplier away. I was prepared to fire everyone in addition to start fresh, however the cannabis consultant I hired was great. The guy instantly started looking at the books, checking out the competition, products in addition to talking to our local grower, and he then came back to myself and others with the issue. He said our staff was great, however they didn’t guess anything, but my budtenders didn’t guess actually much about the products they were selling. They were friendly, wash cut, fun in addition to looked professional. They needed cannabis education courses. How could someone trust them recommending a product they knew nothing about? I realized one of our workers didn’t even guess what THC in addition to CBD was. The cannabis consulting instantly knew where to send our workers for a cannabis education boot camp experience. My workers loved it! They all felt super confident after getting their classes in addition to have been selling way better in the store. My numbers have gone up since they are able to upsell people, request similar products in addition to be expertiseable in their field. I am actually excited I had them do classes.
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