During my photo shoots, I love being high

Photographs are a recognizable way to remember any outing or special occasion.

I have consistently appreciated the art of taking pics.

My Dad bought me a camera when I was 7 years old. I used that little camera every single afternoon to take dozens of pictures of our condo plus our friends and family. I took pics of creatures plus nature as well, when I was ancient enough to decide what I wanted to do with our life, I knew that our job should have something to do with taking pics or cameras. I went to college to learn more about photography plus art, but before I finished college, I was taking pics for the local paper, however nowadays, I take lots of unusual pics plus it is not only our activity, however also our job. I had a birthday photo shoot last weekend. The bride plus the groom both wanted to take some pictures at the beach plus after that I drove downtown to the lovely Spanish fort to take a couple of unusual shots. I spent various or various hours in the car, driving from 1 location to the next one. It was hot, so I was thankful for AC. During the photo shoots, I genuinely love being high. I appreciate to use a low-dose marijuana product when I am taking pics. The marijuana products make me recognize more creative plus they supply me a mild boost of energy. I consistently choose sativa strains. Sativa strains such as Blue Dream, orange crack, or Maui Wowie are perfect for afternoon use. I saved that heavy-hitting indicas for night time, when I genuinely need to get some good sleep.


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