I’m willing to pay extra to get deliveries from my favorite cannabis dispensaries

I had no idea that gas prices were going to skyrocket to the degree that they did.

I think that my expectations were hoping for a ceiling on these increases at something like $4.00 a gallon, but I know many places that have it over $5.00 a gallon.

I feel lucky if I’m able to use my grocery store rewards card to get it for $4.79 a gallon instead of $4.89 a gallon. With gasoline being so expensive, it’s hard for me to justify much road travel at all. I loved taking the car to my girlfriend’s parents’ cabin back in the day when gasoline was under $3 a gallon, but I can’t see that happening again anytime soon. It’s a shame that the oil prices have gotten so bad lately, but I know it’s a complicated situation geopolitically. Until gasoline gets cheaper again, I’m happy to take full advantage of delivery services, both for groceries and food as well as my favorite cannabis products. There’s an amazing cannabis dispensary that offers free home delivery with no order minimum. You can purchase a single product for $20 and still get free delivery. That’s the kind of service you simply cannot beat, especially when the delivery is both expedient and free of any charges. It helps the situations with gas prices just slightly more bearable if I don’t have to visit the cannabis dispensaries in person in the first place. Assuming the value of gas eventually drops, I’d love to take some road trips out to the countryside again to decompress from the hectic city life that we’re both so accustomed to.

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