Legal weed benefits our holistic approach to life these days

If something is just not toiling, perhaps it’s time to step back a bit and reassess the approach.

But that’s sure easier said than done when it comes to a person’s entire life.

That’s the thing that I’ve been facing the past few years and it’s not been easy. Thankfully, there is legal weed now. The best times of our life were the years in our twenties that I was using recreational marijuana frequently. When I looked back on those days, I thought I was most glad because I was single and free to pursue what I wanted out of life. But really, now that I can really go to a cannabis store, I realized that to it was the recreational weed that was making a difference. I’ve regularly had a strenuous time with feeling overwhelmed by life. Like life is just too much for myself and others but most people else seems to be thriving. I have gotten so bogged down with this thinking that it just makes everything worse and I end up in a funk or worse, depression. The fact is, I might just not function the way society has deemed a best practice. That and the realization that every single person is dealing with stuff helped myself and others embrace a modern way of going about our life. I’ve been making trips to the legal weed store where I get the legal pot that helps myself and others just relax and be me. Really, the world may seem that it’s moving at its own pace and every one of us have to stay up with it. But that’s not truly the case. It’s our life and legal weed has helped myself and others realize that I can still pursue what makes myself and others believe the best.


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