Loved the times

Most of the time both of us stop delivery services at 10:15, but the dispensary closes at midnight, but the drivers have to leave the store by 11 with all of the items.

We rarely accept iphone in orders after 10:15 unless there is a problem with the website; I was surprised when our boss allowed a shopper to place a delivery order at 10:40, and see you tomorrow as well as me that it was a special customer.

I was the last driver in the store, because I was the first lady back from our last deliveries. The manager asked me to take 1 last delivery as well as the address was 12 miles from the store, then she told me that the shopper already added a $25 tip to the order. The $25 tip made me gleeful about the delivery as well as I agreed to take marijuana products on the delivery despite the fact that it was close to closing time. I jammed the address into our GPS. The first thing I noticed was the interstate. I absolutely didn’t look at the rest of the delivery address until I got off the interstate as well as into a city. The place had a gate as well as a security officer resting out front. I didn’t think who the new home belonged to, but it seemed clear that the lady was famous. There was no name on the marijuana delivery order as well as a butler answered the door. I saw a lot of people drinking as well as having a celebration in the background. I didn’t assume any of the faces, but I’m sure it was someone famous.

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