Marijuana edibles don’t work the same for me as they do for others

Sometimes my interests and preferences diverge heavily from others, especially those in my family.

I never want the same pizza as everyone else, as I’m the only one in the house that prefers Hawaiian pizza over any other variety.

On top of that, when we look at movies playing at the local theaters, usually my wife and kids all want to see something other than what I’ve been dying to see myself. Since I’m the dad, I try to go along with what the rest of my family wants to do instead. I want my kids and my wife to be happy before and above me, especially if it keeps the peace in the house. However, when it comes to personal purchases, that’s where I’m happy to stick with what I like the most. If I go to a special restaurant for lunch by myself on a random day I’ll take full advantage and spoil myself for a change. And when it comes to the marijuana products I buy from cannabis dispensaries, I’m going to get what works for me regardless of what other people want instead. People constantly tell me to use cannabis edibles but they just don’t work the same for me as they do for other people. I talked to my marijuana doctor about it and he said that there are some people who have livers that aren’t so great at metabolizing THC. I stick to inhalation products like cannabis flower buds and cannabis oil pens. That’s how I’m able to enjoy the marijuana plant. The cannabis dispensary offers a selection of products for a reason.


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