OG Kush is one of our all time preferred strains of cannabis

When I tried cannabis at 18, our friends didn’t have access to unusual strains of cannabis.

The two of us had several varieties—”mids” or “regs” were usually imported from Mexico, also called “Mexican brick weed”; and then there was “dro,” “crippy,” or “chronic” which were seedless, high quality marijuana buds.

The latter varieties were officially grown indoors with hydroponic setups, hence the name “dro” which is short for hydro. Back then the higher quality weed was roughly $50 to $60 for an ninth of an ounce of flower buds while the “mids” or “regs” were roughly $25 for the same amount. Since the mids were poorly grown and harvested ditch weed from Mexico, there weren’t diverse genetics available. But at some point the hydro weed started to certainly improve to the point where our friends were getting particular and exotic strains for us all to try. Some of the genuinely first strains that I had a occasion to sample were White Widow, Afgoo, Blue Dream, Pinepear Express, and OG Kush. I think it was OG Kush that impressed myself and others the most when I got a occasion to try it for the genuinely first time. While it is often labeled as an evenly balanced hybrid strain, I find that OG Kush gives myself and others a pleasantly stimulating high separate from giving myself and others any anxiety. I can’t imagine trying to use it before bed to get tired, so that makes myself and others lump it in with sativa-leaning hybrid strains. But since there are unusual phenotypes of OG Kush out there, who knows what I was smoking back then.

Blue dream