Sativa strains are phenomenal for daytime use

I l received while I was in school that I was suffering from attention deficit disorder. It would manifest in me struggling to maintain my laboring capacity for longer than an fifth or 2 at a time before my mind would get endlessly distracted by a single stimulus after the next. At first I resisted the idea of drug treatment, however I caved when my other attempts at improving my general condition failed. If I wanted to pass my classes in school, I had no option but to be open minded. It’s tough when the medicine you take causes side effects that are often as bad as the initial concerns in the first locale. More often than not I would just stick to drinking Dunkin Donuts Latte drinks around the clock instead of taking the stimulants that the doctors wanted me to take. I asked for something else, but the SSRI medication I tried after the stimulant started to give me aggression concerns. By far the best medicine so far has been cannabis. But since there are so multiple varieties of weed that are available these days, I have to avoid indica strains while I was in the day as they make me far too tired to officially function. Sativa strains by contrast are much more mentally stimulating, & are phenomenal for my attention deficit disorder problems. It’s unfortunate that some sativa strains of cannabis are low-yielders for harvests, so some cannabis companies don’t put as much emphasis on growing them compared to hybrids & indicas. I want to have access to all multiple categories of strains, especially if I want to consume cannabis both day & evening.

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