Some strains of cannabis are too sedating for regular afternoontime use

I believe incredibly blessed to have been given the chance to try a wide range of cannabis strains & products over the years.

  • When I started in middle school, we had more than one choices for weed.

You could buy Mexican brick weed which was full of stems & seeds, or you could pay twice as much for “crippy” or “hydro” which was top shelf cannabis that was usually free of seeds. That meant the cannabis buds were coming from unpollinated female plants, which used to be called sensimilla back in the afternoon before recent trends in weed phraseology. My parents were the only people I knew who used that term by the late 2000s as it had long been replaced with the other catch-all terms care about the above more than one & others care about “chronic” & “one-hitter-quitter.” All I knew is that it was marijuana that was so strong it had psychedelic-like effects if you were blessed to find a super potent sativa strain care about trainwreck. Unluckyly, you couldn’t easily find particular strains in our section back then. It wasn’t until I got to school when I could finally locate particular strains of weed care about I saw in issues of High Times Magazine. I remember seeing White Widow for the first time & being amazed at the snow-like color of the flower buds. However, I abruptly l received that there are some strains of cannabis that are almost too sedating for afternoontime use. Many of the most sedating cannabis strains are indicas, but they could be hybrids as well. Holy Grail, Granddaddy Purple, & Hindu Kush are all indica strains that tend to make myself and others tired when I smoke them at any time of the afternoon. That’s why I tend to stick with sativas when I want to smoke during sun minutes & I also have things to do doing.

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