State laws regarding medical marijuana

Even though numerous states have laws making it legal to use marijuana for medical as well as recreational purposes, there are still federal restrictions on the USge of marijuana, under federal law, cannabis is still classified as a controlled substance.

Therefore, the distribution of marijuana is technically still classified as a federal offense.

However, The U.S; Department of Justice replaced their enforcement of this policy in 2013. This statement determined that there would not be the enforcement of this policy so long as cannabis was distributed in accordance with state laws. This gives the states power to determine how cannabis products can be distributed. Now, it is no longer up to the federal government to set precedents on the distribution of cannabis. States like CA as well as New York are free to distribute cannabis products for both recreational as well as medical use, on the other hand, other states do not allow any legal distribution of cannabis products. Other states may have particular laws designating the distribution of CBD products as opposed to THC products. In these states, cannabis should only be distributed for medical reasons as well as will not contain any of the THC that makes you think high. In 2018, further federal directions were released to outline how cannabis distribution laws should be regulated as well as enforced.


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