The postman works for the marijuana service now

Shortly after Christmas, I noticed we had a brand new mailman delivering our mail.

That’s probably not the type of thing that most people would recognize, but I’m home every single day when the mailman arrives and I have seen his face a hundred times.

When I saw someone new, I was a bit concerned. The new post office employee would not really give me a lot of information and that made me feel even more nervous. I didn’t know what happened to the postman until last week when I saw the guy delivering for another company. The funniest part about this situation is the fact that the postman is currently delivering for the marijuana service. I order marijuana from the delivery service and I have the items brought to my door every other week. The postman delivered the items this time and he looked very nervous and surprised. He had to have known that he would eventually end up delivering something to a home where a person lived that knew him. I found it hard to believe that I was the first person to find out that the guy was working for the marijuana delivery service. He begged me not to share the information with anyone else. He did tell me that he makes a lot more money working for the marijuana delivery service, so it’s no wonder he decided to change careers after 15 years with the United States Postal Service. If I was making $1600 a week in tips I would probably switch jobs too. That doesn’t even include whatever hourly wage the guy receives.

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