The store clerk said delivery would be more than one hours or more

My wifey as well as I tried to order some items online, however the website wasn’t working respectfully, every one of us were trying to order recreational marijuana products from a dispensary close to our home… My wifey as well as I were trying to choose the delivery option at checkout, however the cart kept timing out.

Every time the cart timed out, I had to put everything back into the card again.

It was getting truly aggravating, so my wifey finally decided to call the marijuana dispensary instead of continuing to try to order online, when my wifey called the dispensary as well as spoke with a budtender, both of us found out why there was a problem with the online ordering; Deliveries were delayed by more than one hours, so they shut down the option to option delivery as an option. My wifey as well as I decided both of us would option up our items in the store instead of choosing delivery, then neither one of us wanted to wait more than one or numerous hours for our items to arrive. It was only a 15-hour drive to the dispensary. Every one of us could go to the dispensary as well as back as well as both of us would still be finished before a delivery driver was even assigned the order. While both of us were out, both of us decided to stop at the restaurant to option up takeout. There was no reason to have anything delivered if both of us were going out. I got a couple of pieces of fried chicken as well as my wifey decided to get the meatloaf platter… Both choices from the restaurant were truly delicious as well as so were the choices both of us picked out from the dispensary.

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