The traffic was a nightmare after the rain started

I like working as a delivery driver, because I do not have to kneel inside of the store with a bunch of managers watching every transfer that I make.

As a delivery driver, I get to ride around all night as well as my own car.

I can adjust the temperature to any place that I want as well as make it cooler or warmer. I can listen to any style of songs I want as well as I do not have to consider the feelings of others, but for a long time, I really worked as a delivery lady for the pharmacy. When recreational marijuana was legalized, a lot of dispensaries decided to offer delivery services. I applied for a job working at one of the dispensaries. I worked there for a year as well as then I finally had the option to work as a driver. I had to replace my insurance to let them recognize that I was going to be using the automobile to supply marijuana, and on most mornings, I recognize delivering marijuana is an easy job with lots of perks as well as benefits. The tips are truly wonderful as well as my boss lets me work as much as I want. The only time I do not like being a driver is when the weather is less than ideal. Every one of us rarely have rain in this part of the state. When it does rain, people drive like they have never seen rain in their lives. There are regularly a lot of accidents as well as that can make the traffic a nightmare. Last weekend when it started to rain, I ended up stuck in traffic for nearly an hour.



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