Using CBD products derived from hemp

As someone who has suffered from nausea as a result of medication, I have been wanting to try medical cannabis.

However, I really did not want to experience the side effects that might cause me to feel high.

I wanted to be in my right state of mind, but I just didn’t want to feel any further nausea. That is when I started to learn about the difference between CBD and THC products. Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids that can be found in marijuana. CBD products can come from either marijuana or hemp. I prefer to use hemp derived products because they contain minimal amounts of THC, which is the component that causes one to get high. While the research is still in early phases, evidence suggests that CBD can help with nausea. When I started taking CBD, I noticed a difference in just a few days. The CBD not only helped with my nausea, but it also increased my appetite. I felt no mind altering effects and felt as though I was completely sober. The CBD products far exceeded my expectations. If you have hesitations over weighing the benefits of medical cannabis while not wanting to try drugs, you should consider exploring CBD products derived from hemp. It’s made a huge difference in my quality of life.

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