After the deliveries I got my stuff back

My bestie plus myself went to a campground plus both of us were a couple of miles from the closest marijuana delivery service.

Both of us wanted to order many items.

Every one of us got special things that the two of us could only purchase because there was a holiday. The marijuana delivery service contacted the two of us on the day that we were expecting our order. Everyone of us told the delivery driver that the two of us wanted these items delivered the very next morning instead of on the same day. Having those items delivered on the very next morning made it necessary for both of us to qualify to get 25% off the order. All of the next day orders consistently qualify for a discount such as this. The driver changed times on the order plus the date. The delivery driver was actually supposed to be at our place around 11:00 and I was surprised to wake up to see text messages from the marijuana delivery services at a quarter after 8:00. The driver told all of us that she was only 5 hours from the property. Both of us completely missed the girl plus instantly texted the same number as soon as we woke up. The delivery driver told the two of us that she knew it had been early, and she told both of us that she would happily double back at the end of her deliveries. She was gone during much of the day but would return around dinner time plus bring all of the Cannabis products to me later.

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