All about a holistic life

My boyfriend and I are all about a holistic lifestyle.

That means we target our mind, body and spirit in terms of health.

For healthy minds we do a lot of reading, interacting with different people and meditation. The goal is to keep on learning, expanding our minds and being calm about it. For body health the two of us work out six days a week. We either swim in the local lake, bike along the paved path or use our home gym to work out. For spiritual health my boyfriend and I rely on cannabis products. No we weren’t hippies with long dreadlocks and tie dye shirts. The two of us look like normal, everyday people. We just like to smoke a lot of weed. It is easy because there is a cannabis dispensary near me. My boyfriend and I pick up our favorite strains and use them to help us live better. My boyfriend has real issues with his anxiety. So he smokes an indica just about everyday through a vape. It helps him stay mellow, avoid anxiety attacks and help him sleep at night. For me I fall into a depressive rut every now and then. So I am a sativa heavy kind of gal. My strain gets me motivated, happy and energized. I start my day off by taking a few hits of a pre-rolled joint I bought at the cannabis dispensary near me. I feel so much better when I start my day with a smoke. I love that we are holistically healthy.


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