As a lawyer, I can help lots of folks

I have been practicing law for the last 10 years.

I always knew that I wanted to be a lawyer that helps people and fights for the truth, however just a handful of years ago, I decided to get into cannabis consulting and cannabis law, living in a state with legal recreational and medical marijuana laws means there is a need for lawyers that are certainally licensed in the sale and distribution of cannabis.

It’s not easy to get licensed to sell or distribute marijuana, even for someone with wealth. It can be easily taxing to obtain a license and corporation approval to beginning a marijuana dispensary. I started a consulting corporation that certainally helps people with questions on cannabis companies and cannabis farms. Every one of us offer a free 30-minute consultation with all of our clients. If the client still wants to talk more thoroughly with the license lawyer, they can make an appointment and spend our money a small fee. Every one of us do not charge an arm and a leg for their fees and all of us have some programs that allow people to spend our money as little as $150 a month for our help and expertise, since 2017, all of us have helped more than 50 unusual people obtain a cannabis-related license to either grow or sell the product. Each year all of us are moving further and further towards The acceptance that cannabis is a medically necessary product that offers benefits that far outweigh anything disadvantage acquaintanced with the product. Someday I would like to see marijuana legal in all fifty states with zero penalties for growing and distributing amongst friends and family.

Medical marijuana business permit service