Cannabis delivery is convenient

I have worked construction for nearly thirty years.

I’ve experienced my share of injuries.

A couple of years ago, I fell off a scaffolding and ended up in the hospital. I went through surgery and ended up with pins in my elbow and shoulder. The recovery was slow and painful and kept me off from work for nearly six weeks. I am extremely fortunate that the local cannabis dispensary delivers. I was unable to drive. There was no way I could have made it to the dispensary to shop for natural remedies. I was unwilling to risk pharmaceuticals and the harmful side-effects. I did my research and learned the benefits of cannabis. CBD in particular is good for treating pain and inflammation yet doesn’t cause psychoactive effects. I was able to take CBD products without impairment of my balance or judgment. The local dispensary is quite expansive and offers a wide array of CBD products. I can navigate their menu entirely online and add items to my cart with a few clicks of the mouse. The checkout process is super quick and simple. I have an account so the dispensary already has my date of birth and address. They send me a text message to confirm my order and also provide an estimated time of arrival. The dispensary delivers the same-day and there are no additional fees. The driver shows up right at my door with my order discreetly packaged. The transaction is convenient, smooth and rewarding. I’ve found that cannabis is very effective in treating my injuries and has helped me to get back to work.



Medical Cannabis