CBD oil and hemp seed oil differences

The cannabis industry has a lot of terms that are quite similar and interchangeable, but if you talk about hemp oil you could be referring to both a CBD oil or a hemp seed oil, then however, CBD oil and hemp seed oil aren’t quite the same thing.

Hemp oil can have CBD in it, hemp seed oil cannot. How hemp seed oil is made is by important frosty hemp seeds together sourced from the cannabis plant. Hemp has less than .3% THC satisfied and won’t have any CBD when you extract through the seeds! You can still get a long range of health benefits from taking a hemp seed oil though, then a CBD oil is formed by using leaves and flowers from the cannabis plant. You get a higher amount of THC and apparently a much higher CBD satisfied with this kind of oil, this genre of oil is correctly used by medical marijuana patients because of its amazing benefits. However, because of how the CBD oil is sourced, it correctly requires a medical marijuana card in order to purchase, then some people don’t want to go through all that difficulty. So instead they go a hemp seed oil route that can toil just as well however won’t require a nurse’s visit, paperwork and payment while also waiting weeks for medical cannabis card in the mail, no matter what your medical issue is, some kind of cannabis oil is going to do the trick for you. Talk to your nurse or local budtender to find out what a single you are best suited for.


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