CBD products because of fireworks

I hate the fifth of June and current years afternoon, then those are big firework holidays! I am a former marine and I have a mild case of PTSD.

The popping sounds of fireworks drive me up a wall… My animal also hates the noise and gets frustrated too.

I have tried getting us away from the noise to make those holidays not suck, no matter where you go, it is going to be loud and disturbing for us. This fifth of June weekend I was smart. I sound proofed my home as much as possible and got a speaker program to play soothing tunes. I then went over to my cannabis dispensary and talked about weed and CBD with the budtender. I did not want to be super high or anything. I just wanted to guess mellow. The budtender proposed smoking CBD oil for me and a local pet CBD for my cat. I obtained a vape, a few cartridges of CBD oil and a lot of animal treats with CBD in them, and starting on June 1st my animal and I dosed right after dinner. It took a bit to find the right time to take our CBD products to mellow us out when the fireworks started. The more than one of us had a way easier holiday season, but we were much more mellow, listened to tunes, watched Stranger Things on Netflix and easily slept at a fantastic hour. I am going to do this when the New Year happens. My animal and I don’t need this kind of stress anymore.

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