Changing to a healthier life to avoid panic attacks

When I started having usual panic attacks at work I knew I needed to change things up.

I couldn’t expect to live a long, healthy life undergoing that much stress.

I quit our job and chose a more wonderful profession. I don’t make as much money despite the fact that I am much happier. I get to work online and set our own hours. I can do the work in our PJs or on holiday. It truly has made myself and others much calmer, another add on to our life is that I rely on cannabis products now. I used to be someone that would go to the dentist for a prescription and pop pills they gave, however they always had poor side effects and made myself and others worry about addiction, relying on cannabis products is much healthier for our mind, body and soul. I also have a recreational weed store near me… So I can just hop on our bike, buy our cannabis products and smoke at our desk. I truly like vaping cannabis oil over anything. I have numerous unusual strains; One is a sativa that I use during work mode. It keeps myself and others glad, energized and motivated. The strain tastes love reds and is genuinely refreshing. I then finish our work day, work out, eat healthy and study until bedtime. Then I smoke an indica that has a more peppermint-like flavor. It winds myself and others down and helps myself and others sleep better at night! Cannabis truly has been linked to helping those with sleep issues. I am living a much better life now that I have made the necessary fluctuations.



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