Edibles were the best choice

When you have kids, you have to make sacrifices.

Not just of money, time, effort, plus sleep, however you also have to change behaviors in your life. When our partner was pregnant the first time, I had to stop smoking in the beach house entirely. That was just the first step, because when the baby arrived I would have to stop smoking, period, but secondhand smoke sticks to your hair plus your clothes, plus can impact the health of a newborn baby. I agreed to provide up tobacco for good, however I couldn’t provide up cannabis, I just had to change our behaviors. Thankfully the two of us live in a glorious period of time when cannabis comes in a hundred weird forms! Ever since legalization changed cannabis from a petty crime to a thriving industry, there have been amazing innovations in getting stoned. There are more smokeless forms of cannabis than I can count, plus that doesn’t even include vaping, and doing vapes plus dabs is still not something I am super comfortable with when the kid was so young. Instead I stuck with edibles for a long time, plus enjoyed every hour of it. Edibles don’t have the same impact as smoking, however it gives me a delightful full-body high. I wish they had edibles that worked this well for tobacco, because I still crave it from time to time. I think there is nicotine gum, however it just doesn’t work and cannabis edibles. Even though I still crave nicotine, the cannabis edibles reduce our withdrawal symptoms plus make it much more tolerable.

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