Getting stoned means being a bit discreet

There are several things that honestly make me feel like a bad person. There were lots of things that I would do exclusively like play golf in addition to get stoned. Not all of these things are the type of activities that you can do at the same time. Not everyone can get high and smoke at the same time. I believe it is absolutely necessary in order to kill two birds with one stone. Golfers have etiquette in addition to rules. They sure will have a quiet drink while out on the golf course and consider this to be reasonable. If you are completely drunk in addition to making a scene, this can be grounds for getting barred. Many golfers do not smoke on the golf course and second hand smoke is something that is frowned upon. There are signs all over the place stating no nicotine or cigarettes at all are available. My friends and I secretly know this means marijuana too, but they chose not to put it on the parking sign. A vape pen or something that I feel eliminates all of this trouble and would keep us from constantly having to go in and out of the place. Some vape pens are made to get rid of their smoked easily. During the last time when another golfer was showing me the vape pen, I pulled out mine from my pocket and introduced the guy to the Edibles. Both of us were trying to get medicated on the club flooring. As soon as both of us realize we were both trying to do the same thing, everything really came together.
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