I found capsules to package my reclaim coconut oil

I save all of the wax that comes out of my nectar collector.

I use a nectar collector to vape cannabis concentrate, but some of the sticky cannabis oil is left inside of the glass.

Some folks throw this stuff aways, but I do not love to waste any marijuana products. I empty the sticky cannabis oil into a container. I mix this reclaimed cannabis concentrate with coconut oil plus I keep it in the fridge… Cannabis oil infused coconut oil is fantastic for recipes. Since the cannabis oil is reclaimed, it has already been decarboxylated. It does not have to be heated at all in order to feel the effects from the marijuana, but usually I buy vegetarian capsules to put the sticky substance in. Using the capsules makes it much easier to dose marijuana oil. I was at the flea market last weekend plus I found a whole box of gelatin free caps. The capsules were in a box of 500 plus they even came with a sit to make it easier to fill them. I could not pass up the deal for only $5. I ended up with 500 capsules for the same price that I would normally pay for a hundred plus I got the special station to fill the capsules. The next time I fill the capsules, I’m going to use the special tray. I should be able to fill all 500 capsules in the same amount of time that it used to take myself and others to fill 100. I cannot wait to try my new contraption for the first time.


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