I got to pick between candy or flower for my free gift

I ordered marijuana products from a brand new dispensary.

Every first time patient qualified for a sale and free giveaway.

I received 20% off my entire order because I was a first time cannabis patient. I also received a free gift with my purchase. I had the option of choosing two tangerine flavored THC hard candies or one half gram pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. It was tough to choose between the flower and the candy. I wanted to get the half gram pre-roll, but my girlfriend really wanted to try that tangerine edibles. We got two edibles for a penny with our order. As soon as the marijuana delivery driver arrived with our stuff, my girlfriend and I immediately ate one of the candies. It had 20 mg of thc. I didn’t feel anything at first, but an hour later I started to giggle for no reason. I knew laughter was a side effect from the marijuana edibles. By the time I started to feel something, my girlfriend was starting to feel high as well. Both of us agree that the edibles were a good choice for our free gift. Next time we order from the same dispensary, we might even splurge and buy the edibles. Not only did they taste good, but the high was relaxing and fun. I’m really happy that my girlfriend and I live in a state where recreational marijuana sales are legal. Recreational marijuana is a great way to relax at the end of a long day. It doesn’t make me feel groggy or hungover in the morning and marijuana is not habit forming like some other recreational drugs and alcohol.

Marijuana delivery