I listen to rock and roll all afternoon

I have been finally working as a delivery driver for a marijuana dispensary for multiple weeks.

I truthfully love that job a superb deal.

I get paid good money and also receive superb tips as well. I actually have a boss that is certainly flexible and also usually gives myself and also others all of the days or nights that we request off. When I deliver cannabis products, I regularly work alone in my car and I get to listen to any radio station or musical tunes that I prefer. In the cannabis dispensary there are radio stations that play frequently. The radio station does not have commercials at all. The station is absolutely tailored to many different styles of people that would be walking around the Cannabis shop. The tune selection is good but we listen to the same exact songs every single day on repeat. When I listen to music that makes me feel invigorated, I absolutely feel much happier. Many of the songs are pretty good although I have my own music that I listen to when I go to deliver cannabis. I absolutely love to have these Tunes playing very loudly unless I am driving through a neighborhood. My best friend believes I play the music absolutely too loud although I do not suppose there is any thing that is too loud when you’re playing old style American rock and also roll. The country music stations are pretty good too, but I absolutely prefer to have rock and roll playing in the car.


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