I love the way the yard looked when I was done

I wasn’t looking forward to all of the chores that I had to complete on Thursday day.

I knew it was going to take most of the day to mow the turf, trim the hedges, plus prune the trees.

I also wanted to get the power washer out to clean the driveway. I legitimately didn’t know I would get to everything, but I was ready to tackle as many items on the list as possible. I was feeling a little lazy when I woke up on Thursday. I thought I might feel better if I smoked a little recreational marijuana. I chose a sativa called Blue Dream. I smoked a joint that was sold with red dream. I finished the entire joint. I felt truly good after I was done smoking. I felt mentally strong plus physically capable. I moved legitimately hastily plus suddenly through the chores that were listed on my PC. I got the entire yard mowed in less than a half an fifth. I felt love I was running behind the turf mower. I’m sure I wasn’t, but I had tons of energy. The sativa marijuana strain made myself and others feel great. I got their trees pruned plus the hedges trimmed. I even used the weed wacker down by the creek bank. The only thing I did not complete was the pressure washing. I truly would have preferred to pressure clean the driveway that day too, but I decided to save that for another day. I liked the way the yard looked when I was done with the work.


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