I odored marijuana the whole time I was at the flea market

My mom plus I went to the flea market on Tuesday afternoon.

My mom was looking for something particular plus I thought it would be fun to see what items were available. My mom plus I visited every one of the shop spaces. My mom was looking for cast iron pans plus pots, both of us found a couple of items at a kneel outside, however the guy wanted retail price for the used cast iron skillet. Both of us moved inside of the building after supper plus began to look at all of the shops plus stores in the building. Inside of the building odored actually horrible. I thought the odor of marijuana was all I could odor. It seemed like a marijuana dispensary when the two of us were inside of the building at the flea market, but nobody seemed to be bothered by the odors, however I did not like the odor of marijuana. I thought it was really odory plus horribly pungent. My mom didn’t mind the odor at all. Both of us ate supper at a deli at the flea market, the odor of marijuana was even more pungent there. It could have been some of the bedroom workers that were smoking, when the two of us finally left the flea market later that afternoon, I was happy to get away from the odor of weed. My mom wanted to stop at a marijuana dispensary, after odoring weed the whole time the two of us were gone, our mom thought it might be fun to stop at the recreational marijuana dispensary to opportunity up a joint. I didn’t even think our mom smoked pot.



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