I ordered from the marijuana shop on Friday

If I order from the marijuana delivery service, I always try to order a day ahead of time.

All orders that are placed a day ahead of time receive 15% off.

That discount covers all of my excise taxes. I placed an order online last thursday. I wanted to have the items delivered on friday. I did not hear from the marijuana delivery service. The usually call after I place an order. When I had not heard anything by Friday afternoon, I decided to contact the marijuana delivery service. The woman at the counter could not find my order. She searched all of the orders from that day and the previous day, but she did not have a delivery order in my name. I still have that text confirmation that I received from the dispensary. I read the number out loud to the woman on the phone. She still could not locate my order. She asked me a couple of questions and then she told me that she had all of the items in stock. She could fill the order for me, and have someone bring the items to my home immediately. I wasn’t very happy when she told me that I wasn’t going to qualify for the 15% discount. I asked the woman if I could speak to the manager and I was already talking to her. I tried to explain that it wasn’t my fault the order was lost. I had that confirmation number in my hand at the time. The manager agreed that it probably wasn’t fair not to give me the discount just because someone on their side messed up the order.