I was a little peeved at the office staff

My bestie and also myself visited the beach for 7 days during the last summer season.

We rented a nice condo apartment that was inside of a neighborhood.

This turned out to be much cheaper than a traditional hotel. We paid $89 each night for our condo apartment and also both of us were able to access a steam room, Fitness center, and also pool. It was nice to have extra security and the Gated guards at the front of the condo apartment made both of us feel much better. I believed it was really the perfect holiday spot for the multiple of us. The site seem to be perfect until both of us needed to order recreational Cannabis products from a site nearby. The multiple of us had not ordered recreational Cannabis products from a nearby dispensary. We did not really suppose how hard the process would be. We provided our attendant with the information requested like address, name, and also iPhone number. Both of us never told the security guard at the gate that both of us were going to expect a delivery. The gate officer was not being very nosy but he did ask a ton of questions and also the driver was not going to give out any more information than he had to. The child was definitely protecting our own privacy but that made the security guard at the gate feel much more suspicious. The two of us were forced to go to the building to grab the Cannabis products because the gate guard was not going to let the guy through.


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