I was fuming mad at the security guard

My guy as well as myself went on vacation for a whole month during the last summer season.

We rented a place in a gated area.

It turned out to be much cheaper than a small hotel room. We only paid $89 for each night as well as the home gave the two of us access to a steam room, Fitness center, as well as pool. We also had the nice security of a patrol officer at the condo gate. The two of us believe this was the perfect trip spot for the more than two of us. The location was easily perfect until both of us wanted to order recreational marijuana from a local dispensary. The two of us never really ordered recreational marijuana from a dispensary and the two of us did not certainly believe how the process would work. We gave the person taking our order the address for our home plus our phone number. The two of us never informed the gate officer that the two of us were going to expect a delivery. The gate officer was genuinely nosy as well as asked a number of questions to the delivery driver. The driver tried not to say too much in order to keep our privacy. I really appreciated the fact that that delivery driver did not want to tell the guy that he was there to deliver marijuana products, but the two of us had to walk from the back of the property to the gate area in order to verify that the person was actually there to see us.


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