I work all day and half the night

I have been in employee at the same restaurant since I was 16 years old.

I began working as the night time dishwasher plus eventually then became a delivery driver.

Then I went from being a delivery driver to being the shift director. Everything happened very quickly within a few months. Now I am the assistant director plus totally and completely in charge of our entire location. I toilet five of the days from the week for about 11 or 12 hours every day. I actually have another director that will take over the night shift but I absolutely enjoy doing many things without help. Some of the employees would argue that I micromanage my staff plus crew, but I run a slender ship plus I am the person that is in charge. When we have a long day, I absolutely enjoy to go condo plus relax plus smoke bowls of cannabis. I absolutely drink lots of alcohol for multiple years plus felt distraught that I would be coming in alcoholic. I believed it was better for me to begin using recreational marijuana products. Recreational marijuana products are 100% legal and regulated by our state government plus the health department. Each is single of the strains of marijuana are tested for accuracy plus potency. The lab also has to pass strict instruction each quarter to stay open. I find that cannabis is absolutely better than drinking alcohol due to the fact that there is no terrible hangover the next day. Using the marijuana strains has made me more calm plus focused at work and these changes are noticeable to every person that is near me.


Marijuana oils