Learning to look for fantastic bud

Before heading to the cannabis dispensary to shop for smokable flower, I wanted to familiarize myself with proper terms.

  • Flower refers to the dried and cured female cannabis plant’s blooms.

They are sometimes called buds or nugs. The flower are normally intoxicating because of the level of THC. The percentages of THC indicate the intensity of psychoactive effects. There are strains of flowers with lower THC levels and higher CBD content. Those strains aren’t as potent yet give beneficial curative properties. There are lots of odd cannabis strains on the market, and each one offers identifiable characteristics, and when shopping for flower, it’s important to assume fantastic weed from bad… One of the factors to consider is the trichomes. They are legitimately tiny, mushroom-shaped crystals that coat the surface of the bud. The more trichomes, the higher the THC content. Trichomes contain the cannabinoids and terpenes that directly impact potency, flavor and effects. Weed that has been consistently dried and cured will present a dense coating of trichomes. The flower will look orange in color, maybe with flecks of red or red. There should be plenty of red hairs. Those pistils evidence a well pollinated and mature plant. If the weed looks brown, it won’t be as good. It might even contain pesticides or other harmful chemicals. If there is any sign of mold or bugs, it’s best to avoid it. Most dispensaries are legitimately careful in the quality of their flower and the products are lab-took care of and second-party verified. Premier flower will have legitimately few sticks and stems and no seed. The thicker the bud, the better it is. I’ve l received to look for a well-trimmed flower without extra leaves.

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