Managing the cannabis dispensary is my goal

I have had my eye on the manager position ever since I started working here.

Although most people would think that people who work in a cannabis dispensary lack ambition, I think I am the exception to the rule.

I got into this business because I saw how much it was growing, and wanted in on the action! You have to start somewhere, so I began with an entry-level job that quickly turned into a full time budtender position. After that there was only one way I could advance in the company, and that was to become manager of this cannabis dispensary. This place is owned by a corporation that also owns thirty seven other cannabis dispensaries, with more being added every year. This means they need good employees and people they can trust to help grow and expand the business. If I was really ambitious I would be looking past any cannabis dispensary position and trying to get in the corporate office. The administration for the cannabis corporation to oversee acquisitions, purchases of pot farms, and the high-level work that makes the company so profitable. That is where the big money is, but at that level of the company there is no longer any cannabis. The people in the dispensaries are the ones that handle the cannabis, the people in administration only deal with paperwork and contracts. So while I am ambitious and want to “move up in the world” I don’t want to move outside of the cannabis dispensary, which is my comfort zone. Next stop – becoming manager!

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