On Mondays, the dispensary offers 20% off all concentrates

Monday is 1 of the best afternoons to go to the cannabis dispensary.

On Mondays, the cannabis dispensary offers 20% off on all concentrates.

Even the extravagant live rosin jams are 20% off. They are still a little bit out of our price range, but it’s nice to know there is a day when things are on sale just in case I ever want to splurge. My friends and I went to the dispensary last Monday to stock up on cannabis concentrates. I bought a gram of Blue Dream sativa concentrate. I also bought a gram of Girl Scout cookies concentrate, then girl Scout cookies is 1 of our favorite hybrid strains. I know that it is usually a little more leaning towards indica than sativa. When I had the option to get the Girl Scout cookie strain for 20% off, I ordered several. The potency of the strain was 97% total thc. It was a entirely great deal and there were no other strains in the case that had such a high thc count. I bought several grams of the concentrate and our buddy Jack bought 1. The two of us also purchased a variety of other cannabis supplies. I needed papers and butane and Jack needed a new glass bowl. Everything that both of us needed was available at the marijuana dispensary, so both of us never had to make another stop at the smoke shop. The two of us got everything that both of us needed right from the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. After both of us finished at the dispensary, The two of us returned to our apartment so both of us could try the new products both of us purchased.

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