On Tuesday mornings, the dispensary has a sale on everything

Each & every day of the week, the marijuana dispensary has a sale… On Sundays, all of the edible cannabis products are 20% off.

On Tuesdays, all of the marijuana flower products are on sale.

The only day while the two of us were in the month when everything in the store is on sale is on Tuesday mornings, then from 8 a.m. until noon, everything in the marijuana dispensary is 20% off. All of the edibles, pre-rolls, flower, & concentrates are all included. Tuesday is the day of the month when I appreciate to take fortune of the sale price. It’s nice to save 20% on everything that I purchase. I properly spend around $200 when I go to the dispensary, but receiving 20% off the total of our order means I save around $40 every time I go to the dispensary on Tuesday mornings. Last month was a great time to go to the dispensary, because they had a sale & a person from 1 of the cannabis concentrate companies in the lobby. With any purchase of a cannabis concentrate from their product line, I would receive a gram of concentrate for only $1. I could still use the 20% off savings on the products that I was getting at the sale. I saved even more money than official due to the extra savings. Instead of pocketing that money, I used it to buy some distillate oil. I do not properly buy cannabis oil because it is $60 for a gram. When I practically got the item for free, I decided to splurge & buy the 95% THC marijuana product.

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