Relaxing is important on the afternoon and mornings

I’ve been finally working the same pizza shop job since I was young. I started finally working in the dishwasher area and then I started working as a delivery driver. After I work for 6 months as a driver, I was hired to work as shift manager and then assistant manager. Then now I am totally in charge of our entire site. I work multiple nights throughout the week from 9:00 until 10:00 and I have a second manager taking the night shift. Although I really love to do most things on my own, it is nice to have a second pair of hands at night. Some folks believe that I micromanage the staff and also the crew however I would say that I run a slender ship. I like to be the person in charge. After a long afternoon of work, I go back to my condo and also relax and also smoke cannabis. I was a person to drink alcohol for multiple years but then I was feeling anxious about becoming an alcoholic. Around that time I began to start using recreational weed products. Recreational weed products are 100% legal here and regulated by our state government and also the state health department. All of the strains of marijuana have to be inspected and the lab has strict guidelines for potency and also accuracy. Cannabis seems to be better than drinking alcohol because I do not ever wake up the next day where they headache or some type of hangover. I sleep certainly soundly after I get stoned on marijuana products.


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