The cannabis oil tastes great in our day coffee

I do not prefer to smoke, so I was a little hesitant when the doctor told myself and others to try recreational and medical marijuana products, and the doctor recommended there were other ways to introduce marijuana to our body without smoking; He sent myself and others to a seminar at the wellness center and the seminar was free of charge! It only lasted for an hour, but the person leading the lecture taught myself and others everything that I needed to know about marijuana. I was actually interested in learning more about tinctures and topicals and edibles. I didn’t think smoking dried flower sounded really good… One of the helpful budtenders at a dispensary aided myself and others in our search to find the perfect product. One of the items that the guy commanded was a tincture that I can put in any liquid beverage. I have a 25 mg tincture that I put in our soda each day. The cannabis oil tastes great and it mixes really well with the soda and cream, then by the time I finish our first cup, I can already begin to know the effects! Edibles are a great way to dose, especially if you want to stay low and go slow, then anytime someone asks myself and others for a recommendation, I consistently tell them to try the tinctures. They are easily the most potent product available in the edible department and they taste better than anything that you can smoke or vape. Tinctures are also really portable and discreet, and no 1 is going to ask a bunch of questions if I put tincture in our drink at a bar, although I cannot light up a joint freely.
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