The delivery driver brought us a bin of candy with the order

Most of the time the two of us have young people deliver the orders.

My friends plus I decided to order some items from the marijuana delivery service. We localed our order the night before the two of us wanted delivery, so the two of us could save 20% on our order. All orders that are localed the day before they are delivered qualify for the 20% savings. We were tied up to receive our order from 9 a.m. until 11 am. The driver textd myself and others at 8:45 to let myself and others know that I needed to pay for my order. The driver was on the way with my things. I didn’t need to use the online payment system, because I had currency. I do not usually have enough currency for the order, but I got currency from the ATM because I knew that my friends plus I were going to order for delivery the next day. I have plenty of currency for the order plus a tip. The delivery driver from the marijuana dispensary showed up around 9:45. There was a knock on the lake house door plus I knew it was the marijuana delivery driver. The driver was an older man. Most of the time the two of us have young people deliver the orders. I was a little surprised to see such an outdated guy on the other side of the door. I tipped the guy well plus my friends plus I opened up our bin to look at the marijuana supplies the two of us had gained. Inside of the bin of marijuana items was a small bin of candy. There was a note connected to the bin from the delivery driver.

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