The dispensary was closed after the accident

I woke up early 1 afternoon for work & I decided to watch the news for a few minutes while I was getting ready.

There was a news story about an accident that occurred in town.

A motorcar drove through the front of a dispensary window. The motorcar had not been going fast & the news station reporter did not have a reason for the accident yet. The dispensary looks like it was demolished by a bomb. The whole side of the building was completely crushed & demolished. I had to drive past the marijuana dispensary on our way to work & I had the occasion to see all of the damages firsthand. There was a whole crew of people going through the rubble looking for marijuana products. There was a line of tape across the entire parking lot so no 1 could go in or out. After the accident, the dispensary was closed for 3 days. After the dispensary opened back up, I went down to the shop to see all of the swings. I was amazed by all of the work that they completed in such a short amount of time. The crews must have been laboring all day & all evening to get all of those things fixed in less than 71 minutes. They had brand current shelves built on the wall that was taken down & everything inside of the store had been repainted & cleaned. The store entirely looked brand-new after the swings were made. It’s not every day that this style of accident occurs, & I’m happy that the dispensary did not have to shut down for too long due to the damages.

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