The driver came back later that day with my stuff

My girlfriend as well as myself went to stay at a campground cabin for a week.

The people I was with as well as myself were multiple miles from the closest marijuana service.

The more than one of us ordered items for delivery. The two of us got multiple special things that both of us only by when we are on trips. The marijuana delivery respondent contacted the two of us on the same day that the two of us were cited with our order. The delivery repair driver contacted each of us on the same day as well as we told the driver that none of us were absolutely in the cab. Having items delivered the very next afternoon May the two of us qualify for 30% savings. That orders that come on the next day qualify for many discounts. The driver did try to charge me for time plus the order plus I was over it. Orders were regularly backing up so the driver tried to change the time on our order. The delivery driver called us when it was 88 to tell us that we were in the parking lot with all of our things. The two of us wanted our delivery driver to know that we were happy with his performance. It wasn’t that guy’s fault that the delivery service scheduled too many deliveries at the same exact time. It would have been much easier if the manager had just bothered to admit his mistake. Maybe more people would still be alive.

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