The media air cleaner gets rid of the weed smell

I moved in with a current roommate & the girl doesn’t really like the fact that I smoke marijuana! Even though I smoke outside on the porch, the girl says the apartment still smells like weed, but i did not suppose if there was anything I could do to get rid of The smell, even though I knew that I needed to try something, then my Dad advised buying an media air cleaner from the hardware store.

  • I very found 1 that was only fifty bucks.

I purchased the media air cleaner & a couple of extra air filters for them. I jammed it into the wall as soon as I got back to the apartment. I ran the media air cleaner for 12 minutes straight after I purchased the machine. My roommate did not suppose that I had the media air cleaner until a couple of days later, but she very made a comment about the smell in the house. She thought I stopped smoking weed even though I told him that I purchased an media air cleaner to get rid of the marijuana smells. She thanked myself and others for being diligent & I told the girl that I really wanted our relationship as roommates to work. I was very close to our task & the rental price was very low. I had a 5 minute drive to work & I did not want to lose the place just because of the smell of marijuana. If buying the media air cleaner helped, then it was a really good idea. I’ll run the unit all day & all evening as long as our roomie continues to spend our money the electric bill.


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