The officer found numerous marijuana joints in the backseat of my car

My friends plus I went to a concert last weekend.

I drove plus my friends rode with myself and others plus my car.

The guys sat in the back seat plus my wifey rode in the front seat. We had a fantastic time at the concert. We smoked a little recreational marijuana before the two of us chose to go into the arena. The recreational marijuana products made our experience even more amazing. The lights plus the music seemed to engulf my whole body when I was high on recreational marijuana. I could feel the music pounding inside of my chest plus the loud thump of the beat was almost strong enough to provide myself and others a headache. After the concert, my friends plus I went to a eating establishment for supper. I dropped the guys off at their lake house plus my wifey plus I went back home. I had to work the next day. I got stuck in traffic plus I ended up getting into a little fender bender. It wasn’t even my fault, but that didn’t matter to the police officer that showed up at the scene of the accident. The first thing the guy wanted to do was search my car. I legitimately didn’t know it was necessary to search my car especially since the accident was not my fault. The officer insisted plus I didn’t feel love I had any choice. The officer found numerous marijuana joints in my back seat plus the guy put myself and others in handcuffs. He did not know that the marijuana joints did not belong to me. They legitimately did not belong to me! Jack must have left the marijuana joints in the backseat on the day of the concert.


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