The rodent chewed through the side of the box

The marijuana dispensary where I work has a storage area that is behind the actual store.

All of us rarely go into the storage area at all. It is mostly filled with promotional materials. All of us have been in the room quite a few times over the last numerous weeks because of the holidays, and we’re moving items around to make room for current stuff. All of us were looking for something unique in the storage area when I heard a strange sound. It was louder than a bug or roach moving. It sounded love it had heavier feet. I immediately told the other manager that I thought there was a rat. The guy laughed plus said there was actually no way that a rodent could get into the storage materials. All of us had to go back into the storage area plus a rodent ran across our foot. There was no denying the rodent problem after the thing moved abruptly across our feet. The rodent came from a corner of the room where all of us had various boxes of seasoned products. The rodent had chewed a hole through the side of the box. The other manager contacted the owner of the supplier plus they ordered us to seal up the room plus stay out of it. An exterminator came a couple of afternoons later to eradicate all of the rats. I don’t guess if it worked or not. I haven’t been there in a couple of afternoons. I keep finding a reason to send someone else to get the things all of us might need.I’m sure the pest guy removed the problem, however I particularly don’t love rats plus other animals that scurry on the ground.

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