The savings were huge for 1st time patients

I had to see a nurse in order to get a medical weed card.

This appointment took me about 90 minutes.

It was surprising to see how easy it was for the two of us to convince the nurse as well as the doctor. After I finished in that office without the nurse, the store receptionist gave me lots of information on pamphlets plus resources. There was even a booklet as well as advertising coupons from medical marijuana shops. All of the shops were offering some savings for first-time patients. Some of the sales were 25 or 30% off. One specific place was 50% off the first order. I went to that dispensary with the card in order to get my 50% off promotion. I spoke with a budtender as well as she was very nice as well as kind. She gave me single on one attention plus explained all of the different products that I saw. She answered my questions that were in reference to Medical marijuana. The person was seriously and extravagant tool plus resource. She did not try to sell me anything that was not nice or refreshing. As a patient for the first time, I was very happy with the experience as well as all the help that I received. The blood tender was friendly as well as knowledgeable as well as this made it even easier for me to make my decision. There are many different reasons to have knowledgeable budtenders as well as staff as well as this is a single of the examples that I can get.