The shake was ground up fine and it was easy to fill the cones

I ordered marijuana from a brand new dispensary downtown.

The place was having a sale for all of the first time orders.

First time orders received a discount of 30%. I looked at the online menu. I found a lot of items that looked interesting. Since there was a 30% off sale, I ordered a couple of different items. One of the marijuana products that I ordered was a flower product called shake. The shake was ground up very finely into a dusty powder. The powder was testing at a whopping 37% thc. A whole half ounce of the shake was only $25. I usually spend that much on an eighth of marijuana. I purchased a half ounce of Blue Dream Shake and a half ounce of Legend OG shake. The blue dream was testing at 37%, and the legend OG Shake was testing at 35%. I bought three packs of cones at a smoke shop on my way home. As soon as I got to my apartment, I got out the shake and opened the package. The smell of marijuana was very strong. I emptied the contents of the package onto the table. The marijuana bud was ground up fine. The product resembled coffee grounds. It was really easy to fill the cones with the marijuana shake. I barely had to do any work at all. The cones filled very easily and the marijuana was smooth and flavorful. I didn’t cough at all while smoking the joint. The Legend OG product was just as nice as the blue dream.

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