The strain was superior in taste and flavor

I really love having chocolate.

It doesn’t matter if it is a moderate chocolate or a milk chocolate, but I absolutely prefer dark chocolate that is around 60% or more.

I really don’t prefer upscale flavors like caramel, mint, or raspberry. I prefer the actual flavor of the chocolate treat itself. I had to buy chocolate from a different sites selling special treats. I obtained a brand current marijuana concentrate and it had lemons in the name. It is a sparse strain that is a sativa and a mix between Lemon Haze and another product called super skunk. I saw the product on sale and decided to obtain some of the live resin concentrate. When I got condo from the marijuana dispensary, I first opened up the sativa Lemon Haze strain. The lemon-lime flavored concentrate was filled with myrcene and pinene. The product tasted exactly like lemons and also limes with a nice certainly fruity flavor. I absolutely enjoyed the concentrate a superb deal. I then went back to the same shop multiple days later so I could pick up more of the sativa lemon strain. Unfortunately, that was not at all what we could expect due to the fact that many different people were already trying to get their hands on the lemon strain. I was certainly hoping to be able to buy another gram or multiple and when it was out of stock it was a crushing blow to me and my wallet. I should have gotten more on the first day that I was here.


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