The taste of the marijuana was really flavorful

My friends and I went to the marijuana dispensary on Tuesday.

Tuesday is the one day during the week when all of the marijuana products are on sale.

I was going to purchase some marijuana concentrates during the day of the sale. The budtender told me about a brand new product which was an infused marijuana strain. I had never seen infused marijuana in the past. I know they put infused marijuana and pre-rolls, but this was the first time seeing infused marijuana on a whole plant bud. The dispensary had two sativas, two indicas, and two hybrid strains. I decided to choose an Indica. I chose a strain that was 44% THC. When my friends and I got back from the marijuana dispensary, I immediately decided to open the Indica strain. It smelled very fruity and flavorful. The marijuana flower smells like lemons and limes. My friends and I had several hits from a bowl. The taste of the marijuana was just as nice as the smell. The marijuana strain easily tasted like lemons and limes and I assumed there must have been terpenes in the plant that had a citrus taste and smell. Terpenes and flavonoids are the real reason why so many marijuana products taste and smell differently. If you can enhance the taste of the marijuana flower by using terpenes, then you can sell the marijuana products for a significantly higher amount of money. I bought the product because it was brand new, but I would absolutely buy it again if it was on the sale shelf.
Medical Marijuana Doctor