The two of us got audited in addition to right into trouble

Every once in a while, a state auditor will come to the marijuana dispensary to make sure that both of us are following all of the rules; As the owner of the marijuana dispensary, I get a detailed report on the findings of the auditor, and the auditor is kind of appreciate a secret shopper, because both of us never guess when they are going to appear.

They don’t have to provide us a heads up in addition to they don’t have to provide us with any information while they are there, then it is completely in addition to totally 100% anonymous.

I acquired a report from the auditor in addition to there was a big red flag. The auditor mentioned that our home brand of concentrate was packaged inproperly according to the state directions. The auditor mentioned the exact subsection from the directions. I immediately contacted my lawyer. I have a lawyer that specializes in cannabis law. The lady knows everything there is to guess about cannabis, the state, in addition to the federal laws. I told the lawyer exactly what the auditor had to say, but she looked at the packaging for the cannabis concentrate. There is a small subsection in the law that states the packages cannot have any brightly colored writing. Apparently the auditor took offense to the red lettering on the package. The auditor claimed that it was against the cannabis laws in addition to both of us had to change our packaging in addition to get rid of everything that was inproperly labeled according to the government agency representative. The two of us certainly lost $10,000 because of the packaging error. I hired an advertising consultant after that debacle.

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